Karbono-zuntzak Nomex Honeycomb Parts
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Karbono-zuntzak Nomex Honeycomb Parts

Karbono-zuntzezko Nomex Honeycomb zatiei buruzkoa da hau.

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1. Forming process of hot pressing tank

Generally speaking, the structural parts and main load-bearing structural parts of the drone with high speed requirements are mostly made by this molding process. The carbon fiber sandwich drone parts made by the hot-pressing tank molding process have good internal quality and relatively uniform resin content, with better mechanical properties. However, compared with other molding processes, the hot pressing tank molding technology requires higher equipment requirements, preliminary investment and processing costs, and is less economical. Therefore, from the perspective of cost saving, low-temperature and low-pressure molding technology is often used to replace, which is of high economy.

In addition, in the molding process of hot pressing tank, the flow, heat transfer, chemical crosslinking and void formation of carbon fiber prepreg resin will interact with each other, which will increase the control difficulty of the process. Defects such as poor glue and high porosity may easily appear. Pasia Fiber Reinforcement processes simulate the dynamic change, resin flow and heat transfer in the molding process of the hot pressing tank in order to ensure the quality of the structural parts of the carbon fiber drone. By mastering these model data, the pressure and temperature curves of the hot pressing tank process can be well controlled.

2. Vacuum bag forming process of Carbon Fiber Nomex Honeycomb Parts

Compared with the hot pressing tank molding process, the vacuum bag molding process is much simpler and significantly more economic, without much investment at the early stage and easy operation. However, the pressure of the vacuum bag forming method is small, which is suitable for the structural parts with low quality standards, such as the structure of carbon fiber honeycomb sandwich board and laminate board with no more than 1.5mm. Because of the prominent cost advantage, this technology is used in the production of low-speed drone, which can meet the production requirements of most parts.

In the actual operation, vacuum bag molding needs to use prepreg and wet process, but wet process is easy to be affected by human factors, resulting in uneven glue coating, which is especially obvious in sandwich structure molding. In addition, the unsuitable brush direction will lead to the bending and change of the carbon fiber direction, which has a negative impact on the stability of the carbon fiber composite products. In order to prevent the occurrence of this situation, Pasia adopts the method of prepreg paving, which can greatly improve the stability of the product.

3. Molding process of Carbon Fiber Nomex Honeycomb Parts

The molding process integrates the advantages of hot pressing tank molding and vacuum bag molding, with high molding pressure, high production efficiency, moderate equipment investment and cost input,which is suitable for the production of carbon fiber foam or core sandwich composite components. Such as the carbon fiber drone rudder surface, the parts with foam sandwich structure mostly adopt this molding method. The molding process of carbon fiber unmanned wing plate can also ensure the appearance quality and airfoil precision of the drone, and improve the overall manufacturing quality.

But in the molding process, the pressure control is the key process. Based on the analysis of the product structure data and the company's long experience in making carbon fiber drone and its components, Pasia can accurately determine the pressure control parameters and ensure the performance level of the structural parts of carbon fiber drone.


Carbon fiber drone frame

The application of carbon fiber composte material is the development trend of drone manufacturing in the future, and it is also an effective way to meet the requirements of drone's endurance time, flight time, flight height, production cost and concealed performance. We need to constantly improve the design capability and the innovation level of the application of carbon fiber composites. The proportion of carbon fiber composites in the application of drone is constantly increasing, which will greatly improve the manufacturing level of drone.

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